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RAM Californian Rabbits


 To the right is the pedigree history of the Ram Californian Rabbit line. The "Foundation" of the line is centered around a small group of individuals and rabbitries that have been very successful for many years.  The names defined in the larger blue circles represent these "Foundation" individuals.  In the medium sized blue circles are some of the purchased rabbits and some of the more influential rabbits that carry a reputation in the Californian Rabbit industry... (Like "No Fly Zone" and Hopper's H407).   All the rabbits in the rectangles are the current rabbits in the barn as of this date (1/20/2021).  The Blue Rectangles are our Bucks and the Pick rectangles are our Does.  Because of the complexity of the graphic and trying to display as much accurate info as possible, there are some duplicates.  Most of the rabbits in the rectangles are linked directly to the "Foundation" stock or first generation out of those "Foundation" rabbits.  The new additions, mostly the RAM0## and some of the RAM9## are descendants of the first generations stock, that was purchased and added to the barn. 


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